Dean/Founder  Dr. Hamaad Ahmad

Dean/Founder Dr. Hamaad Ahmad

YIPS has been conceived keeping in mind the changing face of Pharmacy. The traditional role of the Pharmacist has been transformed from product orientation to the patient care. This has led to an increasing demand of institutes like ours to equally stress on the both aspects of pharmaceutical care. It was my vision to establish an institute in Pakistan that would have the ability not only to impart Pharmacy education but also to present opportunities for priming competitive skills to the students. The colossal work of planning, establishing and exacting the infrastructure completed and we aim at providing the best education to our students.

Our vision is to be a leader in shaping healthcare through innovative pharmaceutical education, research and practice. Even though the department is geographically located in Islamabad, nevertheless it has the aspiration to have a nationwide excess to all stakeholders in pharmaceutical education, industry, research and services. With network of alliances, YIPS hopes to be instrumental in creating new standards in education, research and practice.

Pharmacy is a dynamic and growing profession. Through the past century, pharmacy has changed dramatically from the art and science of compounding and dispensing medicine to a profession of health promoters, disease prevention specialists, health maintenance/ chronic disease managers and medication health information experts.


The academic system of Yusra Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences has been carefully tailored under my supervision to deliver excellence in education and strong ethical values. A well-qualified and experienced faculty of YIPS plays a pivotal role in this regard. The regular student learning evaluations at YIPS comprise tests, assignments, hospital visits and attitude development programs to apart from HEC-PCP approved syllabus. We are committed to creating a learning, innovative, scientific and carefully planned scheme of studies for our students. This will help them in gaining knowledge of pharmacy and also practical skills to claim their professional place in healthcare.

We immerse our students in a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary learning environment that complements the evolving nature of the profession. Our program’s emphasis on merging pharmaceutical sciences with pharmacotherapy to tackle challenging human health problems produces student with clinical acumen and scientific mastery that translates into applications in clinical practice, pharmaceutical research and service. Our Philosophy of pharmacy practical training reaches beyond courses into hospitals, polyclinics, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical industrial sites, locally and overseas.

We are collaborating with other institutes of international fame to build the future of Pharmacy in Pakistan. Our faculty members get trained in our affiliated universities, thus adding a distinctive aspect to our educational system of enabling and giving an expanded exposure to the students. Pharm. D graduates at YIPS will be distinguished among others due to their grooming by us. We welcome our students at YIPS for a safe, secure and excellent future ahead of them as Pharmacists.


Dr. Hamaad is a well known Pharmacist and founder of YIPS. He acquired B.Pharm from Punjab University. He carries M.Phil and Ph.D in Pharmacy which was followed up by an MBA. He also holds FACP and has vast experience in clinical research in South East Asia and Pakistan for more than 20 years. He is author of famous book “Clinical Research in Pakistan” He is currently the Dean of YIPS and Chief Pharmacist of Yusra General Hospital.

Principal Dr. Samar Akhtar

Principal Dr. Samar Akhtar

Yusra Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (YIPS) offers the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy to students with particular emphasis on the better professional education, impeccable pharmaceutical of skills and resultant ability to compete internationally. The approaching students should be proud to have made the right choice by selecting Pharmacy Education and Profession. In my personal capacity, I have been associated with this profession for more than a decade and enjoyed both the professional and academic rewards.

YIPS presents a unique environment of learning in addition to personality development, where the abilities of each and every student gets identified and refined.

YIPS has grown since its inception in 2014, to an institute of excellence, which accommodates over 300 pupils in the state of the art facilities.

The scope and need of Pharmacists has widened over the last few years. Pharmacists are now a requisite in Hospitals, Community Pharmacies, Retail Pharmacies and Clinics. Therefore, YIPS has created an environment where students will be taught under the supervision of competent, PhD qualified teachers and an experienced faculty. Also, we boast of state of art excellent laboratories and will provide clinical exposure to our students under the renowned Clinical Pharmacist Dr. Hamaad Ahmad.

Optimism, tradition, inclusiveness, compassion, hope and tolerance are the underpinnings of YIPS education. We seek to instill in our students a passion for learning that will bring in out them, the knowledge and understanding necessary to contribute positively in the society. We will encourage high standards of academics and morality with a focus on self-discipline, effective communications and goal oriented learning, which are the keys to success in practical life.

At YIPS, we encourage a vibrant learning community that encourages a three-way partnership among students, parents and the Institute. The strength of this partnership will be reflected in the success of our students. It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you to YIPS. We would be delighted to be involved in the education of students and foster ethical values in them.

With high standards, motivation, systemic learning and professional exposure, our students will reach their port of dreams and sail to higher aims in life.



Dr. Samar Akhtar is the driving force behind YIPS. She attained her B.Pharm degree from Gomal University, DI Khan and completed her M.Phil in 2010. She holds PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Riphah International University / King’s College London. She is currently Associate Professor, Currently author of 15 Research publisher and Principle of YIPS.

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